Beyond OSHA: Unique and Affordable Safety and Compliance Training

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Mid-America Safety and Environmental recently completed construction on a new facility, providing more space for hands-on training activities and the addition of a dedicated confined space rescue simulator, something unique to the Midwest. “There is no other private company offering this type of training anywhere near this region,” says Mid-America Safety president Russ Hinds. The simulator is used for various types of confined space training, including smoke-filled rooms, completely dark rooms and obstacle-filled rooms.

Mid-America Safety and Environmental specializes in both OSHA compliance consulting and safety training but Hinds says the scope of what the company does for clients goes far beyond just safety training and compliance. “We conduct specialized safety trainings, manage all safety related record keeping and policies,” says Hinds. “Everything that has to do with the safety side of their business, we can take care of it.” The company also has an online portal so clients’ employees can take training online. “And this is all part of the contract, there’s no additional fee for any of this.” On average, a monthly contract with Mid-American Safety and Environmental is less than $500 per month, says Hinds. “People don’t realize how affordable we are.”

Hinds stresses the importance of an organization being able to easily get to its employees’ safety training records. “Every construction company that works on publicly funded projects in the state of Missouri must provide workers with a 10-hour OSHA card. “There are countless companies that have individuals that provide this training, or insurance companies that do it, but the record maintaining is non-existent.” If a card is lost and a company has used an individual trainer or and insurance carrier, it may be difficult to locate the original trainer again due to high turnover. That will make it nearly impossible to get a replacement or a copy of the lost card, resulting in the training having to be repeated at additional cost to the company.

Mid-America Safety has the records from the very first 10-hour OSHA training that was conducted in 2009. “If someone loses their card, we have a copy,” says Hinds. “We have zero turnover and we have a copy of every card we’ve ever issued.”

The seven staff members of Mid-America Safety and Environmental have a combined 175 years of OSHA training experience among them. “That’s a lot of knowledge,” says Hinds. “Our staff has been negotiating with OSHA for over 30 years. We stand behind our experience and our ability to provide unparalleled peace of mind for our clients.”

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