Letter to the Editor: Opinion piece on ‘white privilege’ off base

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[Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the opinion article, “White privilege on full display amid insurrection,” by Springfield Business Journal Web Editor Geoff Pickle.]

Dear editor,

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to a unique set of facts which fit your agenda. Reality is truth.

How was “white privilege” on display during the D.C. riots on Jan. 6? How were the trespassers using “white privilege”? The evidence is suggesting that they were able to breach the Capitol because of incompetence by the Capitol Police. And there is good reason to believe the FBI did not adequately alert and assist the police. You opine that if the trespassers were of color there would have [been] many more fatalities. How did you derive that? A significant number of the Capitol Police are Black. Would they have gunned down fellow Blacks? If so, why? Did the unarmed woman (military veteran) who was shot and killed by the police use her “white privilege”?

Regardless, the breach of the Capitol was inexcusable and a travesty.

Your most fantastical statements refer to the summer riots. You paint a picture of benevolent, peaceful protestors met by “harsh resistance” and “some bad apples.” Your ideological biases, like the media, prevent you from understanding what you see. The riots were anything but peaceful, and the perpetrators were Black and white. Scores of businesses were burned and looted, police stations were burned and federal courthouses were attacked. People were murdered. In most cases, the police did little to prevent the mayhem, by order of the liberal mayors and governors. As the Seattle mayor put it: It’s the “summer of love.” Are white thugs worse than Black thugs?

You say “their history with the police is long and horrifying” referring to Black citizens. That is gross hyperbole. People could interpret it to mean that thousands of Blacks have been and are currently being wantonly slaughtered. Instances of police brutality and misconduct in America today are horrible but rare.

Finally, why is such an editorial relevant in a business journal? The print and broadcast media are full of outlets eager to divide the country along race, i.e., N.Y. Times, WaPo, K.C. Star, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, et al. Business folks in southwest Missouri are too busy to have time to do penitence for the color of their skin. Stick to your knitting and report on the business environment.

—Ron Neville, of Springfield