Staying True to Company Core Values
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Staying True to Company Core Values

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“I had tried, I had a couple ideas and I kept running into the same problem — and it was a reliable supplier,” says Tim Hendrix, co-owner of United States of Apparel. “Not finding a reliable supplier is, that’s your number one, really. You’re not going to have a business if you don’t have a reliable supplier.” Hendrix says it took time, but they finally found someone who met all their requirements and everything fell into place.

“To us, to have a company that says ‘United States of’ and not use an American-made product, was not an option,” says Eric Jones, the other partner in United States of Apparel. Jones says they compared cost of products with other suppliers, but stood their ground and stayed with American products.

Hendrix says the difference in profit margin is significant, but they decided to follow their conscience and sell only domestic made products.

Duration: 2:36