The danger of social entrepreneurship

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Part One

Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate speaks passionately about the dangers of social entrepreneurship or the "one for one" business model. He explains the model and offers his ideal of the future of business and capitalism. That future is one in which small businesses find a need that they're passionate about and figure out a way to meet that need, all while supporting their community and the community where they source their supplies. He shares why he thinks more businesses should abandon the one for one model and instead, actually find their calling  and use their company to solve  social injustice.

Part Two

In part 2, Shawn Askinosie talks about how businesses need to move away from trying to reduce their story to a hashtag and instead tell the complicated stories of the people who are successful and doing good in the community. He discusses how he always encounters business owners that really want to give back but are worried they don't have enough time and/or money. His advice is "don't wait!" There's always enough time to help even one person.


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